Louis Booth has been making jewelry for thirty five years. Twelve years ago Louis made the transition to retailing his at Craft Shows joined by his family. We always have fun at the shows and enjoy the loyalty of our customers. Louis Boothís designs and techniques continue to evolve to this day. Today, Louis works in a variety of styles. He is best known for his silver and brass combinations. His work also includes, red copper, and gold tone jewelry. Some of his items are one of a kind, most are limited editions, but each are wearable works of art. He started his latest endeavor, Wall Sculptures, in 2011 and has been met with praise. He also does custom work. When our customerís canít find something, they ask Louis. When asked what he likes best about doing this type of work, he will say how he likes to see his pieces to be enjoyed. Our customerís love wearing his items, and always gets noticed and complimented! Not only is the jewelry fun and stylish to wear, it is comfortable and multi-functional. A great deal of love and care goes into the creation of Louis Booth jewelry.
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